Once the CableCaster is installed, a video device like a DVD player can be added to the network with a MediaCaster. The MediaCaster is a digitally tuned, phase-lock-loop modulator that can be set to a range of TV channels (CATV channels 65-80 or antenna channels 15-30). It attaches to the DVD player, or any Video and Audio source, and injects the audio/video output of the source player onto the Avcast network on a specific TV channel, say channel 70. Once installed, any TV that can tune to channel 70 can view what is being transmitted by the source.

    • Attaches to any video device (DSS receiver, DVD deck, VCR, video camera, game station) using standard audio/video jacks
    • Creates a unique TV channel for the attached video device
    • Broadcasts entertainment from video devices to every TV in the home
    • Includes an infrared emitter that enables the attached video device to be controlled from other locations

MediaCaster attaches any AVSource to the Avcast network. Whatever is played at the source can be seen on every TV. An infrared emitter is included with each MediaCaster Kit to control the AV Source.