The essential component of the Avcast system is the CableCaster. It acts as the "video and audio hub" of the network. It is installed at the point where cable TV service or the antenna feed enters the house. Typically, the cable or antenna feed goes to a splitter. The splitter fans coax cable to the rooms that have a coax wall plate. The CableCaster replaces the splitter and in doing so, creates a network using existing coax cables as the network infrastructure. No additional wiring is required, unless you want to extend coax cable to additional rooms.

    • Attaches where coax cable enters the home
    • Establishes a home entertainment and computer network using existing coax cables as the backbone
    • Improves video signal quality to every TV
    • Prevents video and data from traveling out of the home to the cable company or to neighbors

The CableCaster operates as a very sophisticated splitter; in addition, it is also an amplifier, providing 6 dB of gain on each of its ports. The CableCaster acts as a shield to prevent neighbors or the cable company from seeing the video and data streams being distributed on your coax cables.

Once the CableCaster is in place, MediaCasters can be added to the network - up to eight at once! IRCasters can be added to remote TVs, providing control of the video sources from those TVs.