The starting point is the Avcast Media Kit. The kit takes the audio/video output from any home entertainment device and broadcasts it to every TV in the home on the selected channel. The Avcast Media Kit is a great accessory to a PC, PVR, DSS receiver, DVD deck, Security Camera or VCR. The Avcast Media Kit consists of the following components: 1 CableCaster, 1 MediaCaster, 1 IRCaster/IRDetector, 1 IR Emitter and 1 Notch filter along with the appropriate cables to make it all work with your AV source.


    • Attaches where coax cable enters the home
    • Establishes a home entertainment and computer network using existing coax cables as the backbone
    • Improves video signal quality to every TV
    • Prevents video and data from traveling out of the home to the cable company or to neighbors ...more



    • Attaches to any video device (DSS receiver, DVD deck, VCR, video camera, game station) using standard RCA audio/video connectors
    • Creates a unique TV channel for the attached video device
    • Broadcasts entertainment from video devices to every TV in the home
    • Includes an infrared emitter that enables the attached video device to be controlled from other locations ...more



    • Attaches to any TV in the home
    • Enables a video device to be controlled by a remote control from any room
    • Can be used to power the CableCaster remotely
    • IRDetector attaches to the IRCaster and captures infrared signals from a handheld remote control or game conroller
    • Broadcasts those infrared signals throughout the Avcast® entertainment network .... more

Notch Filter

If you subscribe to Premium TV services, chances are you have no clear frequencies to allow a clean and clear broadcast of your personal channel. You can tell by tuning any channel between 65 and 80 and looking at the TV. If you see a signal, noise or snow, then a notch filter is needed. It deletes channels to make room for your personal Avcast channels. ...more

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