Room with 1 Video Source

Room with 1 Video Source

This is the simplest configuration and the typical starting point for any Avcast network. The CableCaster replaces the splitter where Cable TV or antenna signals enter the home. A notch filter eliminates unwanted signals from the antenna or Cable TV service (you specify filter range). A video source (DVD, VCR, etc.) in Room 1 can be added to the Avcast network with a MediaCaster, which takes the audio/video output of the video source and modulates it to a TV channel. The MediaCaster is set to a "Personal TV Channel", say channel 70. Now, any TV tuned to channel 70 can view that video source. Room 4 has an IRCaster/IRDetector installed. This enables users to control the video source with its infrared remote control from Room 4. Additional MediaCasters and IRCasters can be added to the network (~8 video sources maximum).

Kits and Components Required: 






Avcast® Media Kit (includes 1 CableCaster, 1 MediaCaster, 
1 IRCaster/IRDetector, 1 Notch Filter)