CableCaster Specs

CableCaster Specs

The CableCaster connects an antenna or Cable TV programming signal, TVs, the MediaCaster, and the IRCaster/IRDetector to the home entertainment network. The CableCaster:

    • amplifies your antenna or CATV signals to overcome cable losses
    • puts a 6dBmV gain on each NET port, to enhance the picture on every TV on the network
    • balances the signal strength from your antenna or Cable Company with your homemade TV channels. Extreme differences in signal strength may cause interference
    • uses reverse isolation to prevent the signal in your network from leaking out to your neighbor's TVs. Reverse isolation is accomplished by placing an amplifier between your antenna or Cable Company and your home entertainment network. The CableCaster has 70 dBmV reverse isolation

A Wall Adapter can supply power to the CableCaster directly, if there is an electrical outlet within 6 feet of the CableCaster. If there is no electrical power near the CableCaster, an IRCaster/IRDetector installed in the home entertainment network provides power remotely to the CableCaster.

Frequency Range

DC to 1000 MHz - 3db bandwidth


6 dBmV per port

Noise Figure

4.9db from 100 to 1000 MHz

Input VSWR


Output VSWR


Reverse Isolation

70 dBmV from ports to input with notch filter attached.

Port-to-Port Loss

12dB - 55 to 1000 MHz

Transformer Input

110-125 VAC, 50/60Hz 30W

Input Voltage Output Voltage

15 VDC @ 300mA